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  1) Special In-Store Display Icon Promotion

 Pantocrator (Sinai) - J24
Pantocrator of Sinai - J24

        There is a proven way to increase your
In-Store Icon Sales, especially in larger sizes.

Display the icon of the Pantocrator of Sinai by your cash register: either in
1) Double-Size
(9.75" x 18.5") or
2) Triple-Size
(12.5" x 24")
It will often then sell in that size.

     This is the most famous and earliest historic icon of Christ known. Seeing it will create sales.

We are so sure that this will work that we will give it to you at an extra-ordinary price of
75% off retail.

Your cost of a J24 D ($70 retail value):
just $17.50
plus shipping and handling
Your cost of a J24 T ($125 retail value):
just $31.25 plus shipping and handling


     Place any online order for a J24 D or J24 T, then when checking out -
type in comments box 'In-Store J24 Special’.  We will adjust the price to the 'special' price when we receive the order.

    Or place order by phone, email, or fax and request 'In-Store J24 Special’.
    (only one 'In-Store J24 Special' display icon per store - please only use for display)
    Limited Time Offer - Place your order now.
(offer only valid for established business accounts)


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