Last Judgement (1580) - F136
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Last Judgement (1580) - F136

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Last Judgement (1580) - F136

Product #: F136
Date: 16th c. (Late)
Location: Sol'vycegodsk Museum, Russia
Heritage: Russian
Movable Church Feast Day 1: 2nd Sunday before Great Lent

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From the Sol'vycegodsk Annunciation Cathedral, this icon was painted in 1580-90 and shows the Last Judgment at the end of temporal time in this world.  At the top, Christ as the Ancient of Days is enthroned in the Heavenly Jerusalem with the Mansions of the Righteous nearby, filled with Prophets, Apostles, Martyrs and Saints.  Below them Christ is seen with the Virgin and St. John the Baptist, and with the Twelve Apostles sitting on twelve thrones also judging, with the Angels standing behind them.  On the third tier down Moses leads those who do not recognize Christ to Him.

Below them in the center, the Angels weigh the deeds of men in a balance where they are seen as they really are without excuse.  If we have repented and changed, our sins are already forgiven.  In the lower right hand corner is the fire-pit of Hell, where Satan sits on a monster, and sinners endure many torments below them.  The Glory of God comes down like a ribbon from the very Throne of God and becomes Hell Fire for those who hate Truth and Life in God.  For the Righteous, this Light is Glory, but for those who will not repent, this is fire and torment.  The choice is ours.


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