St. Nikitas (Serbian, 1410) - S156
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St. Nikitas (Serbian, 1410) - S156

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St. Nikitas (Serbian, 1410) - S156

Product #: S156
School: Serbian
Date: 15th c. (Early)
Location: Manasiji Monastery, Resava, Serbia
Style: Fresco
Heritage: Byzantine
Church Feast Day 1: Sep 15

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St. Nikitas was a Goth by birth, and was worthy of his name, which means “he who conquers,” as he was a great warrior for the sake of Jesus Christ.  He was a disciple of Bishop Theophilus of the Goths, who baptized him after learning the Christian faith.  St. Nikitas fought those who fought against God.  When St. Nikitas stood before the Goth Prince Athanarik, and denounced him for his pagan beliefs and for persecuting Christians, St. Nikitas was tortured for his confession of the true faith and life.

St. Nikitas held strong in this confession and sought consolation and help from Heaven.  Throughout his many trials, the holy martyr held under his robes an icon of the Virgin Mary with the Divine Child bearing his Cross to strengthen him.  The Theotokos herself appeared to comfort this blessed struggler in his trials.  At the end, St. Nikitas was thrown into the flames by the wicked prince and gave his pure soul to Christ, but his relics remained on earth working many miracles.  Later they were transferred to Mopsuestia in Cilicia of Armenia, where a church was built and dedicated to this great conqueror and confessor of Christ.


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