St. Peter, Metropolitan of Moscow (15th c.) - S411
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St. Peter, Metropolitan of Moscow (15th c.) - S411

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St. Peter, Metropolitan of Moscow (15th c.) - S411

Product #: S411
School: Tver
Date: 15th c. (Early)
Location: Tretyakov Gallery, Moscow
Heritage: Russian
Church Feast Day 1: Dec 21
Church Feast Day 2: Oct 05
Church Feast Day 3: Aug 24

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This icon of St. Peter, the Metropolitan of Moscow, is originally from the refectory of Otroch Monastery, Tver, Russia.  St. Peter was born in Halych-Volhynia in Galacia, near the border of Hungary.  He entered monastic life at 12, was educated there, and became a priestmonk.  Later he left to seek a place of solitude near the Rata River, where a new monastery formed around him.  In a.d. 1308, George, the King of Galacia, nominated him to fill the vacant see of Kiev and All-Russia, and he was so consecrated.

Because the Grand-Prince of Vladimir and Tver, Mikhail Yaroslavich, desired another man for this honored position, an animosity arose towards St. Peter, who then sought help and protection from the Muscovy princes.  Therefore, in a.d. 1325, St. Peter moved the seat of the Metropolitan of All-Russia to Moscow, where it remains today.  When St. Peter moved to Moscow, several important churches were built, as well as Vysokopetrovsky Monastery.  St. Peter was also an iconographer and painted the miracle-working icon Theotokos of St. Peter of Moscow.  After a life full of service, prayer, and miracles, St. Peter died in a.d. 1326.  


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