Holy Nativity Message and Brochure - 2007
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Holy Nativity Message and Brochure - 2007
    A Special Festal Message-
Followed by a Fine Selection of Icons, Books and Gift Suggestions for this Holiday Season.

he Holy Nativity of Christ

Each year as we contemplate in this Holy Season the most significant fact of all of history--Christ is born on Earth as a little Child yet remains the Infinite God simultaneously--we are struck by this truth that was witnessed by so many of our community in Faith as the foundation of our Hope, Faith, and Love.  We say “Christ is Born!  Glorify Him!” And we rejoice that the Infinite has mysteriously become finite, the Unapproacable has become approachable, and the Unknowable Other has become the touchable and visible personal Savior of our souls and Lord of our lives.  He is near and dear, and so we are personally loved and cherished, and then invited to enter the Heavenly Kingdom within at the present time, as much as we are able.  Humble, vulnerable, meek, patient, loving, and merciful is Jesus Christ Who came down from Heaven to remake us fully into His Image and Likeness so that we can be God-bearers too with the Virgin Mary.  Let us rejoice with the Holy Angels and sing “Glory to God in the Highest, and on Earth, peace, goodwill towards men.”  Amen. 

 Behold The Beauty - Icon Treasures 
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                              J72 Christ Pantocrator (Enameled-Russian, 19th c.)         T110 Theotokos

F24 Holy Trinity (Rublev)  J24 Pantocrator (Sinai)   T22 Theotokos of Vladimir          
 Behold The Beauty - Windows into Heaven

WCR Russian Wall Cross       F86 Resurrection      

F140 Nativity of the Lord (15th Century)      F30 Mystical Supper 
  Behold The Beauty - the Lord Jesus Christ 
     + Theotokos Virgin Mary

J75 Good Shepherd   T60 Theotokos "Tender Mercy"

        T61 Most Holy Mother of God (Jordanville)    J54 Lord Jesus Christ (Jordanville)         

   T49 Theotokos "Kazanskaya"                  T47 Panagia "Formidable Protection"
  Behold The Beauty - Angels and Saints

S190 St. Joseph the Betrothed    F16 Hospitality of Abraham    S49 St. Nicholas  

S13 Gabriel, Archangel          S288 Guardian Angel

S342 St. John of San Francisco                     S259 St. George (Nea Skiti)
 Behold The Beauty - Newly featured icons
J82 Pantocrator (Mosaic)    J96 Pantocrator (ca. 1600)    T104 Theotokos Hodegetria

T109 Virgin and Child (Mosaic)
  F21 Prayer in Gethsemane (St. Mark's, 13 th c.)  F123 Resurrection (15th c.) 
S59 Apostle Bartholomew (Nathaniel)    S63 St. John Chrysostom (14th c.)    S66 St. Luke the Evangelist (Yaroslavl, 1690)


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