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Special Donors - Iconostasis Icons

Be a special donor for our principal icons on the iconostasis.

 We are praying that special donors will come forth to sponsor the principal icons on our new iconostasis in St. Nicholas Church here at the Mission Center at St. Isaac of Syria Skete.  The iconostasis is now completed, and is most striking in its beautiful walnut and cherry hardwoods which will set each principal icon in a most beautiful setting.  There is a special honor and blessing to each person who gives for this most worthy cause, and our dear Metropolitan Joseph became the first sponsor by donating the cost of the icon of St. John of Rila, the principal national patron saint of Bulgaria who is so beloved of him and of us here at the Skete.  St. John has worked miracles in our lives, and his monastery in the Rila Mountains is an extraordinary place of pilgrimage unlike most on earth with thousands of visitors often coming in a single day for spiritual blessings.



    Iconostasis at St. Nicholas Orthodox Church


 There are eight principal icons on our iconostasis: Jesus Christ Pantocrator, The Virgin Mary Theotokos, St. John the Baptist, St. Nicholas the Wonder-worker, The Holy Archangel Michael, the Holy Archangel Gabriel, St. Herman of Alaska who was an enlightener here in America, and St. John of Rila.    The dimension of each icon is 24 inches wide by 45 inches tall including the rounded top.


Icon of the Lord - Jesus Christ Pantocrator



We are asking for a contribution of $2,500 for each icon and are ready to begin hand-painting them as we get donors who seek such a privilege and blessing to be a sponsor.  St. John of Rila’s icon is already begun.  In the daily services here at the Skete, the icons are censed each day and our benefactors are lovingly commemorated.  Please take a moment and pray whether you or your church and/or organization would like to become a sponsor.  We are praying that the special donors known to God will come forward to receive this special blessing now.  Thank you and God bless you,

Your Brother in Christ,

 Father Simeon, Abbot and Archimandrite
         St. Isaac of Syria Skete
         Rector of St. Nicholas Orthodox Church

For more information contact Father Simeon:



            Metropolitan Joseph in front of Iconostasis during Church Consecration




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