Great Lent Message and Brochure - 2008
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Great Lent Message and Brochure - 2008
    A Special Lenten Message-
Followed by a Fine Selection of Icons, Books and Gift Suggestions for this Lenten Season.

   Great and Holy Lent 

Each season of the Church Year has its particular charisma and flavor, but none has a more distinctive and powerful underlying current than the Lenten Season which we are beginning to enter in these days.  From the very earliest days of the Church, these days have been set aside to consider and deeply reflect on the life of Jesus Christ in the events that lead up to and culminate first in His Betrayal and Sufferings, then in His willing Crucifixion and Death on the Holy Cross, and finally in His Glorious and Holy Resurrection from the Dead to bring life to the world.  As we remember these events and consider the personal relationship of this God-man to us who loves us so unconditionally, our hearts are pierced with sorrow and yet hope.  Sorrow, for it is our sins and those of our forefathers that set in motion the terrible separation of us from God and the ungodly effects of the distortion caused by sin on the human race and all Creation.  Hope, for meekly, willingly, and lovingly Christ will not let us die in our sins without reaching out across the abyss of sin to touch us with the quiet torrent of his love offered to us in His Resurrection.   Sorrow and hope, repentance and love, tears and joy, O Lord Jesus Christ, bring to us in this Holy and Blessed Great Lent! 

 Behold The Beauty - Icon Treasures 
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 J74 Jesus Christ in Prison 
Jesus Christ in Prison  
    T91 Theotokos "Glykophilousa" 
Theotokos "Glykophilousa"

 F24 Holy Trinity (Rublev) 
Holy Trinity 
        WCR Russian Wall Cross 
Russian Wall Cross

 J24 Pantocrator (Sinai) 
                         T22 Theotokos of Vladimir 
Theotokos of Vladimir

Windows  into Heaven

      F25 Resurrection 
    Washing the Disciples' Feet - F62 
Washing the Disciples' Feet

 Road to Calvary - F133 
Road to Calvary
            Nymphios ("Bridegroom") - J37 
Nymphios ("Bridegroom")

 Mystical Supper (Vatopedi - 1312) - F146 
Mystical Supper (Vatopedi)
                       Crucifixion - F28 

Lord  Jesus Christ + Theotokos Virgin Mary 


 J75 Good Shepherd        
Good Shepherd
             T60 Theotokos "Tender Mercy" 
Theotokos "Tender Mercy"

 Portaitissa ("of the Portal") - T01 
Portaitissa ("of the Portal")
       Christ Blessing (Athos) - J02 
Christ Blessing (Athos)

 T49 Theotokos "Kazanskaya"                 
Theotokos "Kazanskaya"
    Sweet Kissing (Greek) - T06 
Sweet Kissing (Greek)

Angels and Saints

 St. John Climacus - S140 
St. John Climacus
      Michael, Archangel (Athos) - S19 
Michael, Archangel (Athos)

 Angel with the Golden Hair - S346             
Angel with the Golden Hair
               S288 Guardian Angel 
Guardian Angel

 St. Peter - S299 
St. Peter
       St. Paul - S298 
St. Paul

 St. Gregory Palamas - S187               
St. Gregory Palamas
    St. Mary of Egypt - S68 
St. Mary of Egypt

 Entry into Jerusalem (Theophanes) - F07       
Entry into Jerusalem
    St. Dismas the Good Thief - S365 
St. Dismas the Good Thief

Newly featured icons

 Christ Pantocrator Mosaic (12th c.) - J84                  
Christ Pantocrator Mosaic
    Christ "Holy Silence" - J87 
Christ "Holy Silence"

 Virgin of Georgia (15th c.) - T102 
Virgin of Georgia
        Theotokos of Tikhvin (Moscow) - T108 
Theotokos of Tikhvin (Moscow)

 Judas’ Betrayal of Christ (Vatopedi) 
Judas Betrayal of Christ (Vatopedi)
                  Crucifixion (14th c.) - F20 

    Myrrh-bearing Women - S97 
Myrrh-bearing Women


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