Nativity Greetings - 2009
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Nativity Greetings - 2009

This year again we have posted to our website the various communications that our friends and customers have always enjoyed.

A Nativity letter below

A Brochure of suggested Icons, books, CDs and gifts for the season

Donation Appeal - Beginning of Nativity 2009

Our Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

Nativity F43

This Nativity Season we cherish the fact that God came on Earth to be with us, every human person, and to open up the depth of true personhood to each of us, if we will accept it.  This is a great gift, much more than we can give to one another, and even with a greatly enlarged capacity, more than we can ever give back to Him.  Yet love knows no boundaries, for the God of Love is Love Itself, and He is bigger, unimaginably bigger, than any thought or concept that we can contain, as He is uncontainable, yet dwells among us as a true man.  So in this Holy Season we see with wonder that this Infinite God has become finite—we can touch Him, see Him, know Him and love Him.  The Birth of Jesus Christ is not just a historical event, but with the eyes of the heart opened in love, we can see Him right now, for He is God with us.

Remarkably, the cutting edge of science is now entering the awareness of things that make a mechanical Universe a concept of the limited and unenlightened past.   These discoveries and theories are consistent, if we have the good sense to see the underlying architect of physical and immaterial wonder, with an Immanent and Infinite Being Who is beyond the 10 or 11 dimensions of m-theory; beyond Einstein’s Relativity; and consistent with the fabric of intentionality that makes prayer possible, holy places alive, and interconnectedness possible with any person or place or time.  Those who have ears to hear, they can surely hear.

We are not looking to materiality, however, for Faith and Love, as it is too small and constrained to explain this part of creation.  We are looking inwardly to find where the Kingdom of God is truly found and can be lived in forever.  Here is the Cave where Christ is born, for Bethlehem, or literally the House of Bread, is inward too, and where the Bread that came down from Heaven dwells, so Christ is born anew!   This Holy Season is ultimately the celebration of the discovery of the Cave where Christ is found within.  May we find Him as we purify our hearts and minds and bodies with love.

We have put together a selection of spiritual gifts to help ourselves find this Cave inside, for when the outside is made ready by turning our hearts and minds towards Christ, especially in the Holy Icons, and in spiritual books, joined with renewed and deepened prayer, we are made ready to receive the gift inside.   Let us join the Three Holy Kings of old in a lively search for the King of Kings, and the Lord of Lords, that we too may bow down and worship Him.  Christ is born, glorify Him!

the Monks of St. Isaac of Syria Skete
    the Nuns of the Convent of St. Silouan,
    the Faithful of St. Nicholas Church
    and the Staff of Orthodox Byzantine Icons



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