Lent Message and Brochure - 2010
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Lent Message and Brochure - 2010
     A Lenten Message-
   Followed by a Fine Selection of Icons, Books and Gift Suggestions for the Season.

     We will stand with Jesus Christ as He is present in these now living events during this holy Great Lenten Season. May we remember to thank Him and wisely pray as was done so long ago, "Lord, remember me in Thy Kingdom!"

 Behold The Beauty - Icon Treasures -- With New Additions Below! 
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Ladder of Divine Ascent - F88          
   Ladder of Divine Ascent - F88


      Good Shepherd - J75  
Good Shepherd - J75

 F24 Holy Trinity (Rublev)           
Holy Trinity - F24 

      WCR Russian Wall Cross 
           Russian Wall Cross - WCR

Pantocrator (Sinai) - J24 
Pantocrator (Sinai) - J24

  Theotokos of Vladimir - T22 

        Theotokos of Vladimir - T22

   S288 Guardian Angel         
Guardian Angel - S288   
                St. John of San Francisco - S345      
               St. John of San Francisco - S345

   New! Many of the following icons are new additions
to our online catalogue

Lord  Jesus Christ and Theotokos Virgin Mary 

 Christ King of Kings (A. I. Kazancev, 1690)- CJ739         
Christ Kinf of Kings- CJ739
          Christ Pantocrator (14th c.)- CJ742  
           Christ Pantocrator (14th c.) - CJ742

Jesus Christ "I Am the Vine, You are the Branches" - CJ703    
Jesus Christ "I am the Vine,
You are the Branches" - CJ703


Theotokos "Hodegetria" - CT817      
    Theotokos "Hodegetria" - CT817

            Theotokos "Of the Passion"
- CT803


Theotokos "Kazanskaya" - CT710
     Theotokos "Kazanskaya" - CT710

            Theotokos Sorrowing (14th c.)- CT776 
            Theotokos Sorrowing - CT776

Angels  Prophets and Saints


St. John the Baptist (Detail) (A. Akotantos) (Byzantine-Cretan, 15th c.) - CS1184     
St. John the Baptist (Detail) - CS1184

         Archangel Michael (Cretan, 17th c.)
- CS1307

              Archangel Michael - CS1307

Windows  into Heaven

"Do Not Lament Me" - CF735   
                "Do Not Touch Me" - CF919

Christ (At the Foot of the Cross) (ca. 1200)
- CF796            


   Christ (At the Foot of the Cross)- CF796

               Crucifixion (16th c.)
- CF867
             Crucifixion- CF867


Deposition from the Cross (18th c.)
- CF856

Deposition from the Cross - CF856               

Descent into Hell (Cretan, 1545)
- CF837

            Descent into Hell - CF837   
Entry into Jerusalem (Cretan, 16th c.)
- CF940     

  Entry into Jerusalem - CF940                

          Epitaphios (Romanian, 18th c.-19th c.)
- CF904

             Epitaphios (Romanian) - CF904   
Mocking of Christ (Cretan, 1545)
- CF833             

Mocking of Christ - CF833


              Mystical Supper (Cretan, 1545)
- CF830


             Mystical Supper - CF830 
    Raising of Lazarus (Cretan, 16th c.)
- CF911

   Raising of Lazarus - CF911

           Washing the Disciples Feet (Cretan, 1545)
- CF831

            Washing the Disciples Feet - CF831
Repentance of St. Peter - CF728

Repentance of St. Peter - CF728 




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