New Summer Greetings - 2010
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New Summer Greetings - 2010

This year we are posting to our website various New Summer Greetings and communications for our friends and customers.

A Father's Day letter below

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Our Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

Holy Trinity (Rublev) - F24

As Summer blooms around us this year we remember and honor our fathers on this Father’s Day and continue to explore this relationship in practical ways that we can.  Often in the busyness of youth and young adulthood we can forget that our parents have many touching stories to tell of their own childhood, adolescence, young adulthood, and more mature years that we don’t know and later could regret not knowing.  They are a living bridge to our grandparents and beyond, back into our heritage and national past and belief.  In this discovery we can learn things that enrich our lives today, and especially give us both interest and discovery of the richness of our own parents’ lives of joys and sorrows.  This discovery begets sympathy and understanding that can only be shared in knowing more of the often surprising corners of their lives. 

It is never too late to learn more, even for those whose parents have gone on before them.  Asking relatives and their friends, discovering their old picture albums, learning more about their geneology and what they did, and finding articles or letters that illumine them as people—all these can be most interesting to open now parts of their lives that we weren’t there to see, and this can be found out back through  generations.  As we grow in our own life, we can see with greater clarity and sympathy the similarities of struggle and joys of each generation. 

Let us also say those words of love out loud while have the privilege of having our fathers (and mothers) with us, and show them that we care and appreciate the good things that they have done, and that we forgive whatever may have been less than perfect.  We too are sinners who have and will make constant mistakes ourselves, and we seek forgiveness too.  Let us freely admit when we could have done better in this ongoing relationship.  Words of forgiveness are strong and lasting, and free the heart in ways that can only be learned by practice.  This is true for our fathers in the flesh, our fathers in function, and our fathers in the Church, for it is in the living out of our half of the relationship of son to father, or daughter to father, that we discover the spiritual meaning of Fatherhood which is our legacy in the Heavenly World to Come.

With love and respect, let us fulfill the Fifth Commandment given by God to Moses so long ago on Mount Sinai, “Honor your father and mother.”  Amen.

The Monastics of St. Isaac of Syria Skete
      and of the Convent of St. Silouan,
      the Faithful of St. Nicholas Church, 
      and the Staff of Orthodox Byzantine Icons


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