Nativity Donation Appeal/ Wishlist 2010
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Nativity Donation Appeal/ Wishlist 2010

Our Dearest Brothers and Sisters in Christ, Nativity (Detail) (11th c.) - CF806

  The monastics were asked recently if there was anything that we wanted, and if so, could we make a wish list.   Even though this was a simple request, it was not as easy as it seemed when it was first considered.  We were stumped, but not because it was just a new idea for us.  It was because, on a primary and deep level, when we live a life focused on God, we always have everything that we really need moment by moment–a life really dedicated and lived thankfully for Jesus Christ. The structure of our monastic life brings this home to us daily in our church services, in our daily tasks, in our interior prayer, and in our service to other’s in Christ’s Name. 

  After some reflection, however, we did think about what could make that life, that prayer, and that service more accessible to ourselves and to others as God often brings them into our lives.  Thinking about this for the last month has resulted in this following Christmas and New Year’s Wish List.  It required thinking ahead about what we wanted to do if we had the means to do so, and how those means could specifically help do it.


 Please take a few moments to look over this Wish List and see if there is anything that you either have and wish to give us, or that you would be inspired to support in its purchase.  In addition, at Christmas and the end of the year, often we all wish to share with others in the spirit of this season, and at times to make donations before the year closes.  Our last newsletter was purposefully low key in asking for financial help.  We had a very low return to even pay for the mailing. 

 In this Christmas and New Year’s Wish List letter, we are asking more directly for you to kindly send the support that you can, either by giving material goods and/or monies, and to mercifully give it in the spirit of this generous season.  Support our work of monastic prayer for others, for those in need, and for the whole world in our dedicated life of self-sacrifice.   Christmas and New Year donations are needed to cover our basic needs, and will give us the means to work for the distribution of fine and beautiful historic icons, and to put in order our educational work for elementary school children.  Please remember Mother Elizabeth and the Convent of St. Silouan also. 

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 Thank you and God bless your generous hearts.

   The Brotherhood of St. Isaac of Syria Skete
            and the Sisterhood of St. Silouan’s Convent
            and the Community of St. Nicholas Church

St. Nicholas Church - Winter 2010

 St. Nicholas Church - Winter 2010



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