Laminated Commemorative Icon Gift Cards
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Laminated Commemorative Icon Gift Cards

Make your Special Event even More Special
               -- with a 'Keepsake and Remembrance'

...Weddings, Births, Baptisms, Ordinations, Funerals...other events
       ...Church Rememberances, Church Festivals

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Here is a way to distinguish and share your Special Events with others by the gift of a Laminated Icon Gift Card with a personal message or date or picture commemorating it on the back.  We all have special days and times in our lives or of those we love: weddings, birth of a new child, their baptisms, and the funerals of loved ones and friends.  It is the cycle of life from birth to death which a Christian sees in faith, hope and love in their relationship to Eternity.  Icons are windows into Heaven, revealing in form the Church’s visual theological truth of how all things will be seen at the end of time.  We can see through these icons a glimpse of our desired life with God and all of the Saints, both for ourselves and for others.   Give a Laminated Icon Gift Card with your own special message on the other side as a keepsake and remembrance so it will keep the memory fresh and alive for years to come.

In addition to our own personal special days and events, we also can share with others our church and its feast days and saints, events of the diocese, national church conventions, fund-raisers, and even yearly church festivals to share our church’s life, faith, customs, and food with others.  A Laminated Commemorative Icon Card is a gift that will share this day with others through the great iconography of the Christian Faith.  Then this event will have a meaning that touches our heart and mind, and deepens our soul’s longing for Christ and His Kingdom.  Most gifts fade quickly with time, but icons have the echo of Eternity.

Someone we know, love, and respect may be ordained in the Church a reader, a deacon, or a priest, or even become a bishop in the Church.  This is surely a special day to remember.  A Laminated Icon Card with the date and event on the back would keep the memory alive and present, and remind us to pray for them and their special ministry in the Church’s life to the Faithful. 

Another way to share with others our church’s life is to give our visitors a Laminated Icon Gift Card of the church’s name saint or event on the front, with our church’s name, address, and times of worship on the back.  Whether they are a walk-in visitor, or a visitor at our yearly church festival, or even just a person or friend that we wish to share our joy about our life in our local church’s congregation, icons are the visual theology of the Church, and directly open the heart to touch the treasures of our Faith without argument.  Historically most people learned their faith by hearing the Gospel, by listening to others teach, and by seeing the icons.  This seeing is direct and immediate, and with a lasting echo and life for our soul.

Remember your special events, whether personal, congregational, diocesan, or for a special friend or a visitor to your church, with a beautiful and meaningful Laminated Commemorative Icon Card.  Our selection of historic icons is the largest of any manufacturer and distributor that we know of anywhere in the world.  Come and see the beauty of the Lord and His Saints in our wide array of traditional Orthodox Christian iconography.   Make your special event even more special.


 Production, Quality and Pricing

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Laminated Commemorative Icon Cards are individually made special for each order.  They are a No Discount item.  A copy of the icon and text will be sent to you for prior approval.  After the approval and production, they are not returnable.

Because of the extra time needed for pre-print production, these cards are less expensive the greater the quantity.  They have specially discounted shipping and handling charges to make them more affordable.  The quality is as high as a mounted icon and is made with our fine laminate and on our special bright paper used for all icon reproductions.  These cards are only available laminated to maintain the quality of the paper’s bright reproduction capabilities.

They are available in all standard sizes of (XS) Extra Small (approximately 3” x 4”) to (D) Double (approximately 15” x 19”).  Since historic icons are already made, their proportions are already given.  That means that an individual icon reproduction will always be in the same proportion as the original width to length, which is usually not in the exact standard photographic sizes.  We make the Laminated Commemorative Icon Cards to the full length of the longest side, and so the width will just be in proportion, unless it is too wide, then the size is adjusted accordingly. Actual sizes will be included in the copy information sent to you at the time of review and approval of the icon and copy on the back.   See the sizing chart with price schedule.

Minimum order is 25.  There is no maximum order.  


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