Constuction Update & Appeal -Pascha 2012
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Constuction Update & Appeal -Pascha 2012

Christ "Holy Silence" - J87

Christ "Holy Silence" - J87


St. Isaac’s Skete Construction Update 

God Bless Your Generosity This Year 

Monastic Silence and Prayer: Christ is shown in this icon as a young angel of silence.  It is from a 14th century miniature from St. Catherine’s Monastery at Sinai.  This underlines a profound principle of silence, or hesychast prayer.  It is the basis of the Orthodox Christian practice of the Jesus Prayer, to enter the Kingdom of God within.  Monastics in particular look towards Christ to humbly teach them how to enter this realm of silence and prayer which can manifest Heaven to us.  Our Skete has this tradition of silence and prayer from its foundation over 25 years ago. 

Our Current Goal: To move more of our life to the Skete back valley, where this silence and prayers is more apparent as the bustle and noise of the world is so absent, it will take the completion of our Common Monastic Building which has just recently begun to move from the beginning work almost 13 years ago to the finishing work now.


Common Monastic Building - Spring 2012


Already Done: The first step was to repair the roof damage from ice storms a few years ago.  Your financial help made this happen.  The next step was to widen the road above the building with a grade and then re-gravel it and make an area for wood storage away from the building.  Then wood storage crates had to be built to move the wood into the area of the boiler two crates at a time.  The next step was an upgrade to our solar electrical system to more adequately provide the pump to move the hot water from our wood-fired boiler to the in-floor heat inside.  This has been accomplished last year through your generosity.   Already this year we were able to buy the floor tile for the entire building, sheet-rock the back room, and then paint it.  This was just finished in this first week of April.  Your donations have allowed us to move forward so far.


Back Area - Insulated and New Dry Wall Goes Up



Dry Wall Up and Readied for Paint


Back Area Painted and Ready for Tile Floor


Kitchen Area - next - Clear and Tile

Dining Area - next - Clear and Tile



Improved Solar Panels / Wood Storage Bins


Repaired Roof Installed / Back Drive with Gravel



Tile Ready for Installation


The Next Step: Now we need more help so we can tile the floor in the just completed back room, put up the window and door trim, and then outfit the room with food storage shelves, other storage shelves, and another portable tool cabinet to supplement the other two already built.  We already have a beautiful four desk combination with cabinets attached which were given as a gift nearly eight years ago.   The tile installation will be $1,600 for this room, the wood trim and installation will be $1,200, the 13 wire food shelves will be $1,300, and the third tool storage bench will be $400.  That is a total $4,500 to set up and get this room finished.  If there is a place to put all of the food, tools, and desks in place, much of the dining room and kitchen will be far more empty.  That will allow us to systematically finish these areas as  we are able.  Our goal it to get this building fully operational by this coming winter.  

How to Help: We have, by your kind financial help, started a momentum.  Please keep it going with your continued help now.  All donations, large or small, are needed to continue to move toward this worthy goal.  The more time we have to spend in the valley of great silence, the more time we have to spend in prayer for all of you and for the whole world.   We are at the great cross-roads of Holy Week and Pascha, or Easter.  These are the pivotal events in all of history, past, present, and future.  When we are with Christ, we are with all of His People.   Finish this Great Lent with a generous heart and helpful hands in this special way, and broaden our means to do the work of all monastic life: deep and heartfelt prayer and sincere repentance.  It is in our mutual prayer that we confirm that the Church is a true community joined in prayer before Jesus Christ, before Our Father Who is in Heaven, and before the Holy Spirit, One God in Trinity, and Undivided.

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In Closing: we pray that you may have a most blessed Pascha, or Easter, celebration and continue in the joy of the Lord as we move from Great Lent into the Paschal Season.  Christ is Risen!  Truly He is Risen!  Amen.

The Monastics of St. Isaac of Syria Skete

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