Common Monastic Building 2012
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Common Monastic Building 2012

Christ "Holy Silence" - J87

Christ "Holy Silence" - J87


St. Isaac’s Skete Construction Update 

God Bless Your Generosity This Year 

Monastic Silence and Prayer: Christ is shown in this icon as a young angel of silence.  It is from a 14th century miniature from St. Catherine’s Monastery at Sinai.  This underlines a profound principle of silence, or hesychast prayer.  It is the basis of the Orthodox Christian practice of the Jesus Prayer, to enter the Kingdom of God within.  Monastics in particular look towards Christ to humbly teach them how to enter this realm of silence and prayer which can manifest Heaven to us.  Our Skete has this tradition of silence and prayer from its foundation over 25 years ago. 

Our Current Goal: To move more of our life to the Skete back valley, where this silence and prayers is more apparent as the bustle and noise of the world is so absent, it will take the completion of our Common Monastic Building which has just recently begun to move from the beginning work almost 13 years ago to the finishing work now.


Common Monastic Building - Spring 2012




Our Current Projects

New Tile Ready to be Installed 

Installing the Well

Installing the Well

Septic System Placed in Field

Septic System Placed in Field



Trapeza with New Tile, Grout and Window Trim 

Windows Trimmed (Close Up)

Trapeza with New Tile and Window Trim 
(in progress)





More of our Current Projects

Decorative Tile in the Floor to Wall Backsplash (Close Up)

The Septic Field Marked near the Common Building

New Site for the New Steel Sheds




Trapeza (Dining Area) Tile is Half Finished



Windows and Doors Ready for Trim


Kitchen Ready for Tile

Below See Pictures of Progress this Past Year



Back Area - Insulated and New Dry Wall Goes Up



Dry Wall Up and Readied for Paint


Back Area Painted and Ready for Tile Floor


Kitchen Area - next - Clear and Tile

Dining Area - next - Clear and Tile



Improved Solar Panels / Wood Storage Bins


Repaired Roof Installed / Back Drive with Gravel



Tile Ready for Installation




Site Cleared for Digging the New Well




Looking East: Floor Tiling and Trim are Being Installed


Same View: Floor Tiling and Trim are Finished


Back Room:  Tools and Office Desks in Place

Back Room:  New Food Storage Shelves to Office Area



Office Desk Units Put in Place


West View: Dining Room Open
to Begin New Tile Installation




Looking East: Opened Dining Room Area
Ready to Start Tiling



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