St. Xenia of Rome - S183
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St. Xenia of Rome - S183

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St. Xenia of Rome - S183

Product #: S183
Iconographer: Monk Michael of Athos
Date: 20th c. (Late)
Heritage: Greek
Church Feast Day 1: Jan 24

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St. Xenia was born in Rome and named Eusebia at birth.  She was  the only daughter of an eminent Roman senator and when she grew of age, her parents desired her to marry.  Wishing to dedicate her life entirely to Christ, she secretly fled by ship with two of her faithful slaves to the city of Mylasa on the Island of Kos.  There she founded a women’s monastery and lived such a virtuous and blessed life that she was made a deaconess in the Church.

St. Xenia often stood all night in prayer, fasted, and humbled herself before God and others.  She was a shining light to all and followed her Saviour in meekness and humility.  She lived out her life uniting herself to Christ in body, word, and thought.  When it was her time to leave this earthly life in a.d. 450, she gave her bright soul into the hands of Christ, Who brought this pure dove into His Never-Ending Kingdom.  At the time of her death, a brilliant cross brighter than the sun appeared over her monastery wreathed in a circle of stars, showing her life was pleasing to God.   In this icon she holds her cross, for her life of self-restraint, and she followed Christ upward, until He brought her fully to Heaven. 


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