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Donations to St. Nicholas Church
Donations to St. Nicholas Church

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God bless you for your good desire to help support our church, for "God loves a cheerful giver." 

'Unspecified donations' to St. Nicholas Church help provide for the church’s maintenance and care.  These are quite reasonable.  The design of the structure is very energy efficient to minimize these expenses.  Liturgical services are held each day and are open to the public who are a welcome part of our worshipping community. 

We currently have 'several specific capital campaigns' to build or finish this beautiful church.  First there are 'projects that finish the interior' use of the church.  These include drilling two shallow wells and installing a small submersible pump to accommodate the water flow for a large used water chiller already purchased.  The chiller still needs to be installed and the blower box built to connect to the already built air-conditioning ducts and registers.  This will reduce air-conditioning costs to an absolute minimum, as there is only a blower and the cold water from the wells to cool the air instead of using expensive-to-run condensers.   Currently we are just using a single window unit air-conditioner which is inadequate.  Four light fixtures are needed to complete the indoor lighting in the main body of the church, providing light for the ceiling and walls.  Iconography needs to be done on the ceiling, walls, and columns to complete the interior of the church.  A large wood-fired boiler needs to be purchased and installed to heat the under-floor heating pipes that keep the building warm.  They are now heated by a large water heater which is more expensive, since we have wood on our property that can be harvested instead of using electricity for heat.  The cement under floor delivers the heat evenly and efficiently. 

Secondly, there are the 'outside projects that complete the structure and site.'  Three blue cupolas are planned to go on top of the roof, one in the main body and two on each of the side entries to the church.  A new set of church bells are being planned to replace the older mismatched local bells that were scavenged for use now.  The bell tower to house the new bells is already built.   Landscaping needs to be done around the church with a walkway for processions on Pascha and other feasts.  Outside lighting needs to be purchased and installed to light up the cupolas at night.  The electric pole outside that sits in front of the church needs to be removed by burying the electric lines back to the transformer. 

If your donation is to a capital campaign, please specify in the comments at checkout for which project your donation is intended. 

Please select the amount you wish to contribute. If you wish to make a larger donation, which would be most helpful, please contact us at 1-800-814-2667. You may use credit card, check or money order for your offering. 

Thank you

God bless you for your good desire to help support our Church and Mission.

Your donations are tax deductible.


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