Portaitissa ("Of the Portal") & Christ Blessing - T01 & J02
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Portaitissa ("Of the Portal") & Christ Blessing - T01 & J02

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Portaitissa ("Of the Portal") & Christ Blessing - T01 & J02

Product #: T01&J02

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This beautiful Matched Set is offered at 25% off of regular pricing for one month only.
Offer expires November 30, 2014.
For Mounted Icons only. No other discounts apply for this special price.

Sizes shown are for each icon of set.

This first set was painted by the Monk Michael from the Holy Mountain of Athos in 1986-1988.  The Lord is shown with His right hand giving the priestly blessing, His fingers forming the Greek letters “IC XC”, and His left hand holding a jewel-studded Book of the Gospels.

The Virgin is shown with a bleeding cut on her cheek which occurred in the original icon in the following way:  once Turkish pirates overran the Iviron Monastery on Mount Athos where the icon had miraculously arrived and stayed.  One of the pirates defiantly struck a blow with his dagger to the icon, which was by the door or portal,  and immediately the icon began to bleed as if from a fresh wound of the flesh.  The astounded pirate repented, converted because of the miracle, and became a monk, living out his life of repentance there and taking care of the icon. 

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