Christ w/ SS Peter & John (Mosaic) - J85
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Christ w/ SS Peter & John (Mosaic) - J85

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Christ w/ SS Peter & John (Mosaic) - J85

Product #: J 85
Date: 11th c. (Late)
Location: Daphni Monastery, Katholikon
Style: Mosaic
Heritage: Byzantine

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A late 11th century Byzantine mosaic from the Katholikon of Daphni Monastery, this icon is a detail from one of the sections of the Entry into Jerusalem.  Christ is seated on the foal of an ass and His Face is turned towards the Holy City of Jerusalem which will be desolate in its rejection of the Lord Who came to save all men who would cooperate with the Divine Plan, for the name Jesus means “he who saves His people.”  He is holding a closed scroll to symbolize that He is the fulfillment of the prophetic words spoken by the Prophets who saw these days centuries before.

St. Peter, one of the chief Apostles, stands before the Lord and points to his right towards Jerusalem, but keeps his sight on Christ.  The younger disciple following Christ is St. John the Beloved who will lean on Christ’s breast only four days later during the Mystical Supper, just before His Betrayal by Judas Iscariot that same night.  Christ is shown blessing with His right hand, for He makes even that which intends evil a means for good for those who will use it wisely, and He now goes toward death in full awareness of the pain and glory, working our salvation, that will follow. 


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