Theotokos "the Protector" - T12
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Theotokos "the Protector" - T12

Product #: T 12
Iconographer: Archimandrite Pimen
Date: 20th c. (Late)
Location: Theotokos Monastery, Myreleou, Greece
Heritage: Greek

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The Virgin Mary is truly the “Birth-Giver of God”, for the Second Person of the Holy Trinity was born in time and temporality as the child Jesus Christ; thus we have the term “Theotokos” which is the exact translation of this concept from the Greek.  In this modern Greek icon the Holy Virgin is shown holding her Divine Son on her lap, securely enfolding Him in her arms.  In a like manner, those who lovingly worship her Son as Lord, as God, and as Saviour are protected by the embrace of her intercessions.  The Orthodox Church teaches that although she was born in this world with our same nature, and having received the same wound of fallenness and illness as all men, she preserved herself from all sin from her very infancy by her active cooperation with God’s saving Grace, and this made her All-Pure, All-Holy, and Most Blessed.

We are meant to follow on this same path of holiness, as have our older brothers and sisters, the Holy Saints, until we too are sanctified and fully remade into His Image and Likeness.  If we follow Him, we will follow all of them, for they are now with Him in glory in the Heavenly Realm of the Eternal Kingdom.

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