Wedding at Cana - F73
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Wedding at Cana - F73

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Wedding at Cana - F73

Product #: F 73
School: Serbian
Date: 14th c.
Location: Decani Monastery, Serbia
Style: Fresco
Heritage: Byzantine

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Christ’s first public miracle was at this wedding in Cana at which His Disciples and His Mother were present.  Christ blessed water to become wine at the request of the Virgin Mary, who told Him that the wine had run out before the wedding guests had left.  When the master of the feast tasted it, not knowing that the wine was miraculously turned by Christ from water, he remarked that the good wine had been left until last.  As always, whatever Christ touches becomes the best within its nature, even something as mundane as wine needed at a wedding feast.

Tradition tells us that this was the wedding of one of His Disciples, Simon the Zealot, and that Simon left right from his own wedding to follow Him after seeing this miracle.    It is the sign of most of the Apostles that when they were called, they left everything and followed.  May we learn to do the same in our own life.
 Here at His first miracle we see the close relationship of Christ and His Mother for she says wise words to all who would follow Him, “Whatever He says, do it.”  Amen, Amen, Amen.  This 14th century icon is a fresco from the Decani Monastery in Serbia.


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