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Donations to Special Mission Needs
Donations to Special Mission Needs

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The Mission Center in the Skete's front valley has occasional special needs that are not a part of our regular budget planning. These can include building repairs and additions, and other special improvements that require special funding to complete them. Donations to this fund helps complete these special needs.

Currently we need to move in place, and then set up the electrical, water, sewer, and propane connections for a newly remodeled Mobile home Guest House. This will provide better guest facilities for the pilgrims who come to visit us throughout the year.  A generous donor has already given the funds to purchase this Guest House.  Inside it has new plumbing, electrical, water heaters, super insulation, sub floors, doors, thermal windows, cabinets and fixtures for the kitchen and bathroom, and new sheet rock throughout.   It will make our guests who are so special to us feel more especially cared for when they come to visit.  Help us get this done and in place so that this winter we can tape and mud the sheet rock, paint the interior, and put down all of the finish linoleum and rugs.  The cost to bring our new Guest House into its place and have it connected to function this winter will be about $7,000 which needs to be done right away. Donations to this fund will help accomplish this soon. 

One of our full length mini-vans died of Wisconsin rust and old age, and then our smaller all wheel drive SUV was totaled after striking a deer just within the last month.  Since our older truck was totaled after being skidded into a tree while hauling wood last year (the employee helping out was not hurt as it was at a very low speed), we are now down to a single van, and that is not a four wheel drive vehicle, needed for travels into the back Skete valley on our wintery roads.  One kind donor is in the process of giving us his 1999 truck with four-wheel drive, so that will help much.  Another small four-wheel drive SUV as we had before (a 1999 Honda CR-V) is needed.  A little less older used vehicle like this will cost between $5,000 and $10,000.  We will probably go down to Texas to get one without rust to make it more likely to last longer.



Thank you.

God bless you for your good desire to help support our Monastery and Mission.

Your donations are tax deductible.


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