Prophet Elias with Scenes - P208
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Prophet Elias with Scenes - P208

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Prophet Elias with Scenes - P208

Product #: P208
Heritage: Russian
Church Feast Day 1: Jul 20

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This icon of the Holy Prophet Elias (Elijah) was written in Old Church Slavonic and shows many different scenes from the Prophet’s life.  In the center he is shown sitting in a cave where he was fed bread by a raven.  Around this center are scenes which include being ministered by an angel in the desert when he was fleeing from King Ahab and his pagan wife Jezebel, miraculously crossing the Jordan River which parted before him by placing his mantle on it, multiplying meal and oil by God’s blessing, and raising the widow’s son from the dead.

The Prophet Elias lived in the ninth century before Christ and was very zealous for God, living a life of hardship and danger because of this.  For this zeal and faithfulness in difficult circumstances, God blessed the Prophet mightily with signs and wonders unseen since the time of the great Prophet Moses.  Both he and Moses appeared speaking with Christ at the time of the Transfiguration of Christ before His Disciples, Peter, James, and John.  When Prophet Elias’ ministry was done, God took him up directly into Heaven in a fiery chariot, where he still is today.


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