SS Cyprian and Justina - S10
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SS Cyprian and Justina - S10

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SS Cyprian and Justina - S10

Product #: S 10
Iconographer: Ginala, Maria
Date: 20th c. (Late)
Heritage: Greek
Church Feast Day 1: Oct 02

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St. Cyprian was a well-known and admired Carthaginian pagan sorcerer who plied his trade in Antioch.  Once a pagan youth Aglaias became enraptured by the beauty of the Christian maiden Justina, and made impure advances towards her, which she soundly rejected.  The youth then turned to the sorcerer Cyprian, who was known to be able to win over to impurity other maidens to the service of demonic lust, which burned now in the heart of Aglaias.   St. Cyprian called up many demons to defile the heart and mind of this pure maiden, St. Justina, but she just made the Sign of the Cross at the demons and their suggestions and they all disappeared.

Perplexed by this simple maiden’s power over the demons St. Cyprian had called up, he learned at last that the humble Lord Jesus Christ and His Sign of the Cross was more powerful and effective than all magic, and so St. Cyprian renounced all of his magical learning and livelihood and converted to the Christian Faith.  In time, St. Cyprian was made a bishop for his learning and great faith.  SS Cyprian and Justina gave their lives to Christ as martyrs, beheaded in Nicomedia in the late 3rd century.


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